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24 Karat SolSaltz

The Dirt On Salt!

24 Karat SolSaltzEveryone has been told over the past 10+ years not to eat salt. The assumption was that salt would lead to heart disease and arteriosclerosis. However, the American Medical Association has recently recanted these assumptions and statements. Why? It has been found that a lack of sodium leads to premature death. The body and brain depend upon salt for proper function and healing.

So what is special about SolSaltz?
SolSaltz has been purified based on an ancient Egyptian way of salt purification. This method of purification entailed the use of oolite sandstone pottery which would remove the dross from the salt leading to purified salt. When salt was used as a medium of exchange, purification of salt to remove dross determined the value of salt. This led to the distinction of 10, 14, 18, and 24 karat salt, which later transitioned into the standards by which gold is measured. Well, dross is the impurities of sand that are contained in salt when mined from the salt beds. It is this sand, in the form of calcium silicates, that has been found to lead to heart disease and arteriosclerosis. When calcium silicate enters the bloodstream, it causes micro-tears in blood vessel walls. These tears allow the collection of calcium silicates which lead to the accumulation of blood platelets and then cholesterol. It is this process that results in heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

Common everyday salt has usually been heat processed which destroys the natural electron cloud of the Na+ molecule. This too removes the natural nutritional value of salt.

Brain Garden SolSatlz TestHow does your salt measure up?
Take the Dirt On Salt Challenge. We invite you to take a teaspoon of your salt (Morton's, Real Salt, Redman's, sea salt, etc.) and dissolve it in 8 oz. of water. Then take one teaspoon of the Brain Garden's SolSaltz and dissolve it in another 8 oz. of water. Mix both for two minutes. Allow both solutions to settle for a couple of minutes and look! What you will see is similar to the representation seen here. What you will see is the cloudiness of the microscopic particle of artery-clogging sand contained in all of the common everyday salts on the dinner tables of America today.

The choice is "CLEAR". The Brain Garden's SolSaltz is the only known salt on the market today that is free of artery-clogging calcium silicate sand. You are worth good health.

Everyone Deserves A Clean Heart!

Order 3.5oz. SolSaltz and Start Living Healthy Today!


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